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3gs,  4s, 5c, 5S Insurance

The free handset you receive when you sign a twelve month contract with your service provider can cost up to £600 to replace if you have you iphone stolen or damage it. This is because the network, discounted the iphone because you are promising them 12 months (or more) of your business. With a mobile phone insurance policy you have peace of mind knowing that, should you have a problem, these costs will be covered by and your handset usually replaced. Prices can start from just £5.99 per month.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of what happens to peoples apple products.  The handset gets dropped into the toilet, a child draws on the screen using marker, or perhaps it gets dropped out of a pocket while hanging holiday lights.  All of these scenarios are potential smartphone killers. Also, with the large touch screens nowadays, most covers cannot fully protect it.  Therefore, any trauma can incur expensive repairs and replacements. Then, of course, there are the things that happen, that are not the owner’s fault. Things such as stolen mobiles cost  users a lot of money in replacements every year. There is a way to protect yourself from this. All  iPhones are eligible for our insurance.
Gadget Cover Insurance Protection (3, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5c, 5s)

How much does cover cost per Month?
The insurance Policy can start from as little as £5.99 per month and covers all the apple range - the standard iphone,  3G, 3gs,4,5c, iphone 5s. Click below to get your instant, up to date insurance quote and get insured today.
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Did you know ... figures published in 2006 show ...

    1.3MILLION  were stolen
    1.6MILLION were lost
    600,000 were dropped in the toilet
    400,000 were dropped in drinks, and
    200,000 ended their life in a washing machine!

Source: Mobile News, BBC News, Evening Standard,, The Sunday Times

Apple produced one of the most amazing pieces of Gadgets that prove invaluable to our everyday lives. We store more and more information on them. Make sure you have yours Insured with our insurance! Thieves know their value.

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