Why you need iPhone Insurance

The future is here in the iPhone. It is the ultimate status symbol. iPhone buyers are attracted to the Apple brand since it’s a fashion accessory for the same reason why people buy Rolex. It can be an utter everlasting horror for you to lose your iPhone to anything. Getting the best of the technology world doesn’t come cheap. Damage can be costly so why you need iPhone Insurance?

Before I get to the 10 reasons why you should insure your iPhone, allow me to run through the risks your iPhone faces in your hands. There are a number of risks facing your iPhone on a day to day basis. Statistics show that 1 out of every 10 iPhone is swiped by thieves, 2 out of every 10 are lost and never seen again, 2 of every 10 drown, 4 in every 10 ends up shattered and 1 in every 10 will break. Yes, this is why you need iPhone Insurance.

Here is why your iPhone needs insurance;

1. You can have it replaced in case of theft.

We all know that burglaries are costly. Losing your phone as a result of theft is bad but the thought that you lost your phone with your personal property stored in it is worse. I would recommend taking an insurance policy on your iPhone to combine measures to protect your phone with a backup plan to have it replaced. Let’s face it, the insurance company can’t get you back your original phone, but they can replace it and hopefully, you had saved your staff on a cloud.

2. Your phone will be repaired or replaced in case of accidental damage.

When you insure your iPhone against accidents you avoid the pain of raising funds to replace or repair it once it’s damaged. Taking an accident insurance policy on your iPhone has a briefcase of benefits. Accident insurance covers repair expenses or replaces the entire phone if your phone is damaged as a result of an accident. Most iPhone insurance agencies will go an extra mile to cover even minor screen cracks, to give you peace of mind.

3. iPhone insurers also cover liquid damage.

As I have mentioned above, 2 in every 10 phones drown. Although the latest versions of the iPhone have inbuilt water resistance features, you can never be too careful with your phone. When the phone becomes damaged by water, the insurance agency can choose to repair it or replace it. The choice will depend on the scope of the damage.

4. It makes financial sense.

Your phone is considered an asset. You can pawn it and get a loan against it or you can use it to increase your credit value. You can get yourself a policy that has a cash value, which even in the case of bankruptcy it cannot be touched by your creditors.

5. iPhone insurance is a low-cost way to ensure you remain connected.

When you have your phone insured, you get to enjoy the replacement or repair benefits that are enjoyed in the insurance policy. Though you may have to deal with life without your iPhone for a day or two, you can get your phone back faster than you can raise funds to buy a new piece.

6. You won’t have to worry about the warranty.

Your iPhone is a man-made gadget. It is thereby bound to breakdown sometime in the future. Although iPhones come with at least a 12-month warranty, once the warranty is expired you won’t be able to get your phone repaired for free. Getting a breakdown Insurance cover on your phone will benefit you when you need to have your phone repaired or replaced without incurring further expenses since insurance will handle that for you.

7. Childproof.

A number of iPhones get damaged as a result of being handled by children. When your iPhone is insured, you won’t have to worry about your kids breaking them as the insurance company will just replace it as long as you pay the premium.

8. It covers E-wallet.

When your Apple pay services are used when you lose your phone, the insurance agency will indemnify you. Indemnity is the principle of insurance, where the insurer pays the insured to get him/her to the state they were in before the risk happened. Your iPhone insurer is also obligated to do the same.

9. You can benefit from bundle options.

Some insurers offer options for those who insurer all their Apple product together.

10. Benefit from online backup services.

Some insurers provide online platforms for their clients to back up their files to avoid losing them completely when your phone is stolen.

We hope you found these 10 Reasons Why You Need iPhone Insurance for your smartphone helpful.