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Apple iPhone Insurance

You love your iPhone, you take it everywhere with you, you couldn’t be without it.

But your iPhone’s hectic schedule tucked into your pocket or bag, exposes it to a multitude of risks.

And if something bad happens to your iPhone, and you cannot afford to replace it, then you will be stuck with a monthly phone bill for a phone you can’t use.

Apple iPhone insurance 6, 6s

Accidents with mobile phones are alarmingly common. It is so easy to leave your phone in your pocket and not find it until it has been through the washing machine and tumble dryer. If you keep it in your back pocket, it can easily fall out, or even be stolen.

If you were given your iPhone 6 when you took out a contract you may have received it at a heavily discounted price, or even for free. But if something goes wrong you could face paying up to £600 plus to replace it.

Taking out iPhone insurance will give you the reassurance that if your iPhone is lost, stolen or broken it will be replaced, and we usually do this all in 48 hrs unlike many other insurers. In addition, we also offer you 3GB of online storage totally free when you sign up for a insurance policy – that way you can backup all your files safely and restore should you ever have the need.

When choosing your iPhone 6s insurance or iPhone 6 insurance, shop around. You can often find better deals online than you will be offered by the company that sells you your iPhone. Look for iPhone 6 insurance that covers water damage, theft, malicious damage and accidental damage. The very best policies will also offer you cover abroad.

Apple iPhone Insurance – does applecare cover theft?

apple iphone 6 insurance