Using a mobile phone whilst driving – the law

Using a mobile phone whilst driving – the law

What you need to know about the law of using your mobile phone whilst driving.

The laws on using your mobile phone whilst driving recently changed in the UK. It doesn’t matter if you are in a car, van truck or riding a motorbike, the law states that it is illegal unless you have a “hands-free” access. This could be a bluetooth headset, voice command or dashboard holder.

This law applies even if you are stationary at traffic lights, stuck in a traffic jam and even if you are teaching a learner driver as a passenger!

This law has been around since 2003 and changed in 2007 to include 3 points on your driving licence and a fine also. But from the 1st March 2017 the fine increased to £200 fine and 6 points on your licence. You could also be taken to court and even banned from driving.

The fines are even more serious if you are a truck driver or in control of a bus – up to £2,500. Younger drivers, in particular those who have just passed their driving tests in the last 2 years will lose their licences!

According to research, you could be four times more likely to have a crash if you are using your phone whilst driving.

The only time that you are allowed to use your mobile phone is in an emergency to call 999 or 112 and it is impractical to stop or pull over to a safe area.

For those of you who use your phone as a sat-nav also, make sure that programme it before you set off and that it is held in a proper holder and not balanced on your knee. Once you are in motion you should not touch your phone or re-programme it. This rule also goes to satnavs themselves.

The best advice is to switch it off, or put it in silent mode and put it either in your glove box or bag to prevent any distraction at all.


Samsung Galaxy Insurance – 4 reasons to buy

Samsung Galaxy Insurance – 4 reasons to buy

The digital trends require people to always stay connected with friends, relatives and business associates. Living without a smartphone is this error is like staying in another planet. However, smartphones are one of the most delicate and expensive devices you can ever own. Your connections can be cut off unexpectedly when you get your phone stolen, damaged or lost. Samsung galaxy phones are one of the most expensive phones and if you loose your unexpectedly it might be very difficult to get a replacement as your pocket might not be ready for it at that time. If you have an insurance cover for your Samsung phone then you have nothing to worry about since Samsung galaxy insurance will come to your rescue during such tragic moments. You can have your phone covered against the following issues:

· Mechanical and electrical breakdown

You don’t need to worry of any mechanical or electrical damage to your phone after the expiry of your phone warranty. Samsung Galaxy Insurance will get you covered ensuring you get quick easy solution.

· Theft

Whenever you dig out huge amounts from your pocket purchasing a very expensive gadget, thieves are also on the lookout and are waiting for the perfect opportunity to get hold of it. You don’t have to worry if they succeed as long as you have your Samsung galaxy covered.

· Accidental damage

If you happen to damage your phone accidentally, Samsung Galaxy Insurance will be at your service be it a cracked screen or liquid damage. You will either get it repaired or get a replacement if the damage is beyond repair.

· Lost phone

Sometimes a busy schedule can have your mind too occupied that you end up misplacing your phone. If this happens then just place a call with your Samsung galaxy insurance provider and you will get another gadget as soon as possible.

An insurance cover ensures it covers all the things that a warranty cannot cover. For example, warranties do not cover phones for theft, lose and accidental damages. They can cover faults and mechanical breakdown but within a limited period of either one year or two. Insurance companies come in to ensure they cover all the unexpected mishaps not covered by your phone warranty.

Samsung Galaxy Insurance offer very reliable services with a wide range of cheap insurance options and easy claims. You will never regret choosing to pay a little cash every month to provide you with a quick replacement once unexpected accidents or theft happens to your Samsung phone.

Depending on the nature of damage and type of insurance, sometimes insurance might not give you with a new phone but instead repair your damaged phone or give you a second hand device with similar features. This should not discourage you since the refurbished phones are tested for quality and are in good condition ensuring it offers the same service as the one you previous owned.

If you damage lose your phone due to negligence or you get your phone damaged due to your recklessness, you will not get a replacement. So as far as you might have peace of mind knowing your phone is insured, complete care and protection of these delicate and expensive devices is necessary.

samsung galaxy insurance – 4 reasons to buy

Broken iPhone repair service – iMend repair phone in your home

imend iphone repairs

Local repair service

Are you looking for mobile phone or iPhone repairs?

I’m sure that you are aware that phone and mobile phone insurance exists and has done for many years but maybe at the time of purchasing your mobile you felt that the cost of insurance was too much and that you would sort it out cheaper online later. Well now you find yourself in a situation where you are not covered but still need your iPhone or mobile phone repairing and this is how we can help.

iMend are a company that can come to you. They have very experienced technicians that can come to your place of work or home (you choose) at a time that suits you, to carry out the iPhone repair in front of you.Most repairs are normally completed within 30 minutes and each repair comes with a full 12-month no-fuss warranty.

iMend Phone Repair:

Common faults/repairs

  • Your iPhone won’t charge
  • Your iPhone screen is cracked
  • Broken buttons – home/power/mute
  • Battery repairs
  • Sound problems

Booking your iPhone repair is simple – we have an online system where you can get an instant repair price so you know up front how much it will cost. Next, the iTech guys will contact you to arrange a time/place for the iPhone to be repaired – this can sometimes even be on the same day – how amazing is that! What’s more, they also operate a “no fix no fee” system so there is no reason not to book your appointment today to get your iPhone fixed.

They repair all devices by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, LG and more. Whatever phone or tablet you have, they can repair Book your appointment today

ipad insurance reasons to buy – apple care cost

ipad insurance | tablet insurance

You may have spent what seems like ages searching the internet for ipad theft insurance or tablet insurance. There are many sites around out there that all offer gadget cover but do they offer you all the information? Some companies advertise low premiums which does tempt many people but buying on price alone can be a costly mistake. For an insurance company to “trim” the monthly premium, it will often mean that they reduce the benfits. If goes without saying that you should always read the terms/conditions before buying anything but very often we all get blinkered by the price – a key marketing trick. You will also notice that the type of company that does this will not allow you to download the t&c’s until you are actually on the payment pages – at which point you will probably buy, but dont be led down a dark alley this way.

At we try our very best to look after you by providing all the information up front. We dont chip away at the prices or the cover options for your apple ipad insurance. Very often it isnt until you actually need to make a valid claim that the ugly truth is revealed. This is when you realise that all your monthly premiums have been paid in vain. We always try to show the obvious questions about your ipad insurance policy by telling you clearly what is covered. There is also the chance to read or download the terms/conditions from all the steps along the way to buying your ipad mini insurance. There is also the option to get your instant quote through our online tool, this will ensure that you buy the correct level of insurance.

Tablet insurance

We cover all tablets not just apple ipads – prices from £4.49 per month. So get our best buy ipad insurance today. ipads – prices from £4.49 per month. So get our best buy ipad insurance today.

apple watch insurance cover – reasons to buy

apple iwatch insurance

iWatch Insurance – why you should buy

Insurance is a type of risk management which is used to protect the point in concern from uncertain loss. And with the number of expensive mobile phones hitting the markets day after day, apple watch insurance too has become extremely essential. The same goes with other smart watch brands also. You must be wondering what would be covered under apple watch insurance and apple watch cover. Here is just a sneak peek into the protection you could get under the mobile protection insurance policy: Your mobile smartwatch insurance will take care of malicious damage or damage caused by water, or theft or loss and also accidental damage. A few gadget cover insurance companies also offer international cover and extended warranty on the smartwatch and a guaranteed apple watch insurance too has become extremely essential. The same goes with other smart watch brands also. You must be wondering what would be covered under apple watch insurance and apple watch cover. Here is just a sneak peek into the protection you could get under the mobile protection insurance policy: Your mobile smartwatch insurance will take care of malicious damage or damage caused by water, or theft or loss and also accidental damage. A few gadget cover insurance companies also offer international cover and extended warranty on the smartwatch and a guaranteed 48 hour replacement. You could protect yourself securely from the loss you have incurred from the theft of your instrument or any mishap that has damaged your watch.

Apple watch insurance

Smartwatches too have caught up with many people for the kind of connectivity they offer for the user even when they are on the go. And as these devices are expensive, it is strongly recommended that the user considers watch insurance to protect his device from theft, malicious damage or accidents. Generally people refrain from buying their smart watch insurance from the providers owing to the exorbitant prices that are quoted by the policy retailer upon purchase. But, this should not put off the instrument users from delaying the purchase of insurance for their expensive devices for they would get caught if they do not act swiftly in this matter.

There are various third party insurance providers for smart watches as well on the internet arena. Make sure you do considerable amount of research about these companies and you could choose from the different types of policies that are being offered by the insurance companies. Apple smart watch insurance covers are not all that expensive as the picture has drawn out to be.

Watch insurance

Insure Your Mobile is one such online insurance stop that offers affordable insurance solutions for your costly watch. When you are investing your money in instruments like a smartwatch you will definitely want to protect the same against any kind of unprecedented happenings so that your investment is fully protected. The store offers iwatch insurance for all of the apple watch models. Check out our site where you can buy securely and have peace of mind knowing that your wearable is covered.




apple iwatch insurance

Apple iPhone Insurance – does applecare cover theft

apple iphone 6 insurance

You love your iPhone, you take it everywhere with you, you couldn’t be without it. But your iPhone’s hectic schedule tucked into your pocket or bag, exposes it to a multitude of risks. And if something bad happens to your iPhone, and you cannot afford to replace it, then you will be stuck with a monthly phone bill for a phone you can’t use.

iPhone 6 insurance

Accidents with mobile phones are alarmingly common. It is so easy to leaveb your phone in your pocket and not find it until it has been through the washing machine and tumble dryer. If you keep it in your back pocket, it can easily fall out, or even be stolen.


If you were given your iPhone 6 when you took out a contract you may have received it at a heavily discounted price, or even for free. But if something goes wrong you could face paying up to £600 plus to replace it.

Taking out iPhone insurance will give you the reassurance that if your iPhone is lost, stolen or broken it will be replaced, and we usually do this all in 48 hrs unlike many other insurers. In addition, we also offer you 3GB of online storage totally free when you sign up for a insurance policy – that way you can backup all your files safely and restore should you ever have the need.


When choosing your iPhone 6s insurance or iPhone 6 insurance, shop around. You can often find better deals online than you will be offered by the company that sells you your iPhone. Look for iPhone 6 insurance that covers water damage, theft, malicious damage and accidental damage. The very best policies will also offer you cover abroad.

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