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Due to the device’s portable nature, a MacBook or any laptop can be very easily damaged or stolen, and our low cost computer insurance can ensure that you have a backup plan – get MacBook pro theft insurance – if the worst should happen to your laptop or MacBook.

Macbook Pro Insurance – best laptop insurance

check out the macbook pro insurance coverage and get registered today. At such a low monthly cost for laptop theft insurance, here are just some of the reasons why you should buy macbook insurance air or laptop insurance/ gadget cover insurance. Our instant online cover can start from as little as just £5.99 per month. What’s more you can also get 1 month free! This makes it ideal laptop insurers policy for students.

Theft IF your gadget is stolen, we will replace it.
Loss (optional)* If you lose your electronic equipment we will replace it.* Mobile phones and tablets.
Accidental damage We will repair or pay for the repair costs if your electronic mobile equipment is damaged as the result of an accident. Unlike some insurers, we even cover minor screen cracks.
Liquid covered damage If your mobile phone/gadget has been damaged due to splashes or full immersion we’ll repair it or replace it
Breakdown** If you lose your electronic equipment we will replace it.* Mobile phones and tablets.
Unauthorised calls We’ll pay for unauthorised calls from your mobile device, when it has been stolen, up to £2,500

Macbook Air Insurance

Here are some more reasons why you should buy Macbook Insurance today.

What is the claims procedure

In the event of a claim you must: Report the theft / loss to the police within 48 hours of discovery. Report the theft / loss of a mobile phone / tablet to your Service Provider immediately, but in any case within 24 hours of discovery. If your claim relates to a faulty item, the faulty item must be provided. Contact us within 48 hours of discovery of any claim. Failure to comply with the above may result in your claim being delayed or rejected. Once all the requested information has been received we will aim to process your claim within 48 hours.

How do i make a claim?

You can make a claim by calling our dedicated Claim Advisors on 0203 794 9294, by emailing at or writing to:

Claims Department Gadget Cover Waterside House Riverside Way Uxbridge UB8 2YF

What is covered under the policy?

Theft – including unattended theft from a secure vehicle / secure premises Accidental Loss for mobile phones, iPads and smartwatches only (optional additional £1 per month for a mobile or smartwatch and £1.50 per month for an iPad) Extended Warranty (not included on Laptops) Accidental Damage Liquid Damage Malicious Damage Worldwide Cover (90 days) Unauthorised Call Use (up to £2500) Accessories Cover (up to £150) Unlimited Claims Instant Cover (for all gadgets under 6 months old at the time of taking the policy) Family Cover – your gadget’s covered whether you or a member of your immediate family* are using the gadget *Immediate family includes your mother, father, son, daughter and spouse. It also includes your domestic partner (domestic partner is defined under this policy as someone you are living with in a long-term permanent relationship as if you are married to them).

What does gadget cover insure?

We offer insurance on Mobile Phones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, PDAs, MP3 Players, iPods, Satellite Navigation Systems, PSP’s and other game consoles, Cameras, Camcorders, Personal Media Players and Laptops.

Why do i need to insure?

Many of us do not realise the value of the every day items carried in our briefcase / rucksack / handbag. It’s only when something goes wrong and we have to replace these products that we understand the true value, both personally and financially of our every day gadgets. According to a recent survey by Zurich Insurance, the average person will carry £851 worth of hand held gadgets with them every day, for Londoners, this rises to £1034. This is in addition to the… 600,000 electronic devices that were dropped in the toilet 400,000 electronic devices were dropped in drinks and the 200,000 electronic items that ended their life in a washing machine And, did you know that at least one in seven people are not covered by either their home contents specialist insurance – a potential £5bn worth of goods at financial risk every day.

When does my cover begin?

Your gadget insurance will be set up right away but you do need to note that any incident that occurs within the first 14 days is excluded. If your gadget is less than 6 months old on the date you insure it, then this clause does not apply and your cover begins immediately.

What are the main exclusions?

* Leaving the item unattended when it is away from your home. * Theft from vehicle or premises where there is no visible sign of forced entry. * Any claim where a proof of purchase or receipt (in your name) cannot be provided * Any claim where the gadget has not been used since the insurance has been taken out * Any incident occurring within the first 14 days of cover (unless the gadget is less than 6 months old)

Can i insure items from Ebay?

Yes! We now also insure items purchased from eBay as long as they are purchased brand new and have a valid Proof of Purchase that includes the make, model and serial number of the gadget (in your name). The item should also have been purchased from eBay UK.

Is there an excess fee?

In the event that you make a claim, an excess fee applies which must be paid to us before your claim can be settled. This excess fee varies depending on the type of electronic equipment you have insured with us. The fees are set out below: If your claim is for a gadget up to the value of £250 (when new), the excess fee is £25 for any claim. If your claim is for a gadget between the values of £251 – £999 (when new), the excess fee is £50 for any claim. If your claim is for a gadget over the value of £999 (when new), the excess fee is £75 for any claim.

Do i need to supply a receipt?

You will need to be able to evidence ownership for all the items you are claiming for at the point of claim. This can be a copy of your receipt (this must be in the same family name), a gift receipt (provided it has your name on it), a delivery note or in the case of a mobile phone, a confirmation from your network provider of the phone you have in use on your contract and it’s IMEI number.

Is there an age restriction on the number of items i can insure?

The item must not be more than 18 months old when the insurance is first purchased. There is no limit on how long the item can be insured, thereafter.

How does the no claims bonus work?

If you don’t make any claims in the first year and beyond, you will be entitled to a reduction in your excess fee as set out below: • If you don’t make a claim in the first year, you will be entitled to a discount of 25% off the excess fee if you subsequently make a claim. • If you don’t make a claim in the first two years, you will be entitled to a discount of 50% off the excess fee if you subsequently make a claim. • If you don’t make a claim in the first three years, you will be entitled to a discount of 75% off the excess fee if you subsequently make a claim. • If you don’t make a claim in the first four years, your excess fee will be entirely waived if you subsequently make a claim. • This offer is still valid even if you replace the gadget you have on cover with a different one.

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