Mobile Phone Insurance

The best mobile phone insurance policy can start from as little as £3.99 per month and covers many of the standard mobile phones on the market today.

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If your phone is insured with Buy Mobile Phone Insurance it’s simple:

Should your mobile phone be stolen, lost (if optional loss cover is selected) or damaged beyond repair we’ll replace it with a brand new phone.

Your phone is insured, which means any of your immediate family are protected when they use your mobile phone.

iPhone repairs are always carried out by Apple and once your claim is approved, if it’s convenient, you can pop into your local Apple Store on the same day and we’ll reimburse the cost.

UK based customer service staff.

*Cover starts immediately on all handsets and gadgets which are less than 6 months old..

More reasons to buy mobile phone insurance.

UK Customer Service, Claims Team

Fast Claims Processing

Family Members Covered

Immediate Cover*

Unlimited Repairs

Liquid, Accidental Damage

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